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-It is not cute

-It is hell

-Want to order pizza? Too fucking bad

-Want to go to a party? Be prepared to want to leave after 5 seconds

-Need to ask a salesperson for a different size? Guess you’re not getting it

-Hungry but it’s crowded in the restaurant? No food for you

-Social anxiety SUCKS

-It keeps you from doing things you want to do

-It makes you feel like shit

-Stop romanticizing it

-Social anxiety is absolute HELL


Her look when she wants to eat


Her look when she wants to eat


WHy yes, I aM a big fan of the kpowp. I have litsenede to  ALL of the Classics like B69ST, Powerpuff girls generatION; Dong Bang Shinji Ikari„ Big bang THEoRY. kids these days with theyre EXO PLANETARIUM and Bang the TANgent, they do not appreciate quality Kpop Music.

reblog if you still love GOOd GROups like Super WIll smith Junior and Chad Future/




It’s so good. The whole thing is on youtube.